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Dialysis Systems

The question of an efficient and gentle on-cleaning of proteins, DNA, RNA as well as Oligos, happens in almost every laboratory. The dialysis offers the gentlest type of dialysis, desalting and rebuffering.

Unfortunately, this method was often very complicated by dealing with dialysis tubes and time expensive so that many users usually avoid this method in the practice. We offer you right now the best ready-to-use systems for laboratory dialysis.

These dialysis systems are ready-to-use, high throughput capably and specially suitable for small sample volumes. You don`t need more chemicals (Purification Kits) or expensive laboratory centrifuge equipment (ultra-filtration). You use only the natural strength of the osmosis!

The Xpress Micro Dialyzer is MD100 the worldwide fastest sample purification system for proteins, RNA and DNA. The Xpress Micro Dialyzer can be used in high throughput (simultaneous 96 samples) and is primarily suitable for small volumes from 10 up to 100 µl. The new Xpress Micro Dialyzer MD300 is suitable for 50-300 µl. There is not any need for additional Lab equipment.

The GeBAflex tubes can be used for volumes between 150 µl and 20 ml and are ready-to-use. QuixSep is a reusable dialysis system and sample volumes between 50 µl to 5 ml.

Make no compromises in the area of sample purification and laboratory dialysis - buy by the leading webshop for laboratory dialysis!

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