Xpress Dialyzer

Unique Features

  • Disposables as perfect solution for small sample volume dialysis (10-100 µl / 50-300 µl / 50-1000 µl)
  • Compatible to microplate format (SBS) for lab standard equipment and automation
  • Easy, gentle, and save handling with standard devices
  • Modular concept for single samples as well as for a high sample number
  • Extremely fast dialysis through unique geometry of the Xpress Micro Dialyzer


  • Desalting of proteins and other macromolecules
  • Rebuffering of proteins and other macromolecules
  • Renaturation / Denaturation of proteins
  • Binding studies (e.g. hormon or drug protein binding studies)
  • Removal of disturbing substances like urea from macromolecular substances

Application fields

  • R&D labs for a broad range of protein sample preparations
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical companies especially for purification and renaturation of recombinant protein expression products with high sample numbers
  • Clinical research protein binding of small molecules
  • Biotechnology, food industry, medical labs


scienova is the German specialist for lab sample preparation disposables. The scienova Xpress Micro Dialyzer product line is a high quality disposable product made in Germany with unique features. Products are approved by customers in Europe, Japan, and USA.

"Entwicklung einer Verwertungsstrategie für Xpress Dialyzer Produkte von scienova" gefördert durch den Freistaat Thüringen aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds