sample preparation

We produce and sell products for sample purification in the laboratory. All offered products are easy to handle disposables, which use the process of membrane dialysis and guarantee a gentle and at the same time efficient application.

The scienova Xpress Dialyzers contribute significantly to the acceleration and automation of research and diagnostic processes and make laboratory dialysis considerably easier.
With a higher sample throughput and at the same time a significant reduction of the analysis and sample preparation time, the processes of preanalytical sample preparation and pharmaceutical drug development become much more efficient.
In addition to the high-throughput dialysis cartridges of the Xpress Dialyzer series, we also offer other tried and tested dialysis tools such as GeBAflex dialysis vessels and dialysis tubes.

"Development of a utilization strategy for scienova's Xpress Dialyzer products "funded by the Free State of Thuringia from the European Social Fund