Cryo Labels

Unique sample identification with high-performance labels

Biological samples carry critical information and are exposed to extreme ambient temperatures. If labels come off at these temperatures, for example during cryopreservation, valuable resources are wasted. In the worst case, the sensitive samples can no longer be identified and the time invested was wasted. Reliable adhesion is essential for unambiguous identification.

With our cryo-labels you avoid unnecessary and expensive errors when evaluating your samples. Our cryo-labels withstand temperatures from minus 196 °C to plus 121 °C and are suitable for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and transport on dry ice. They are resistant to moisture and cleaning agents and can be removed without leaving any residue. The cryo-labels are waterproof,  water resistant, abrasion-resistant and autoclavable.

Depending on the various sizes offered, the cryo-labels are suitable for reaction vessels, cryotubes, centrifuge tubes or cryo-boxes. The sheet format of the cryo-labels is DIN A4. They are suitable not only for almost all plastic vessels, but also for glass vessels and plastic bags.

The high-performance labels can be printed reliably and in optimum print quality using simple laser printers. With our printing software Barcode Forge scienova and the matching Microsoft Word templates, you can quickly and easily create individual labels. The labels are also suitable for marking with permanent markers.

Convince yourself and put our labels to the test – simply request a sample using the contact form!

Tips for applying the labels

  1. Make sure that the surface of your container or tube is not damp before applying the label.
  2. To prevent the adhesive from drying out, apply the label at room temperature immediately after removing it from the backing film.
  3. The cryo labels can be attached to a frozen tube. You should dry the surface well before applying the labels.
  4. For best results, the labels should be affixed at room temperature (approx. 20°C) at least 30 minutes before use.
  5. If possible, stick the labels slightly overlapping.

Convince yourself

  • Convince yourself and put our labels to the test – simply request a sample using the contact form!

Formats scienova cryo labels


Sample applications:
1.5/2 ml reaction tubes and cryotubes


Sample applications:
0,5 mlreaction tubes and cryotubes


Sample applications:
0,5/1,5/2 ml reaction tubes and cryotubes


Sample applications:
1,5/2 ml reaction tubes and cryotubes


Sample applications:
15/50 ml centrifuge tube


Sample applications:

10 mm round labels

Sample applications:
0,5/1,5/2 ml micro tubes & cryo vials


scienova Cryo Labels

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