about scienova

scienova GmbH is located at the research and innovation center Jena in Thuringia (Germany).

Since its foundation, scienova GmbH has been focusing on the development and distribution of automated dialysis cartridges, which make sample dialysis for research and diagnostic processes more productive.

scienova GmbH was founded in 2008 by scientists from the Institute of Biochemistry at the University Hospital Jena and has built up a large network of partners and distributors since then.

Innovative companies and R&D facilities in the fields of biotech technology, medicine, pharmacy and diagnostics are among our customers.
scienova supports young talents and sponsors in various projects of young scientists.

We are a member of the Innovation Center for Laboratory Automation Stuttgart (nICLAS), which was founded by the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart. As a customer, partner and interested party, you can gain initial hands-on experience of the functionality and use of our dialysis tools in the automation laboratory on site.

We guarantee quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process. scienova GmbH has been certified for the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 since 2016.

We ensure the consistent quality of our products through regular quality controls and document these quality data in batch certificates.
We invite you to get to know us and our products and to challenge us with your problems.

"Development of a utilization strategy for scienova's Xpress Dialyzer products "funded by the Free State of Thuringia from the European Social Fund