lab dialysis

Our Xpress Dialyzers are easy-to-use disposable cartridges that use the membrane dialysis process. The number of samples can be scaled between 1-96 samples according to the specific requirement. This means that the products can be used as single cartridges for small sample numbers or as 96-sample systems for high-throughput screening. A selection of application- and sample-specific (bio)functionalized membranes enables our customers to make a targeted product selection based on the specific properties of samples and drug candidates.

Our Xpress Diaylzers guarantee gentle and efficient sample preparation and make a decisive contribution to accelerating and automating research and diagnostic processes.

In addition to the high-throughput dialysis cartridges of the Xpress Dialyzer series, we also offer other proven dialysis tools such as GeBAflex dialysis vessels and dialysis tubes.

"Development of a utilization strategy for scienova's Xpress Dialyzer products "funded by the Free State of Thuringia from the European Social Fund