Our Xpress Dialysis Box joins the range just in time for the end of the year. We think that’s a nice way to end the year.
The Xpress Dialysis Box (short:XDB) is as versatile as the last months have been. And it is looking forward to unfolding this in the new year:
The Xpress Dialysis Box can dialyze up to 96 samples against a common buffer reservoir. Compared to using deep well plates, a larger buffer volume is achieved. This can increase dialysis efficiency and dialysis speed. Buffer exchange – a breeze. One box – loaded with the Xpress Dialyzers in one easy step.
By connecting a pump to the Xpress Dialysis Box or using a magnetic stirrer, the dialysis process can even be accelerated. The Xpress Dialysis Box is optimized for use in automatic liquid handling machines. Yes, even an automated buffer change with pump is possible.
Are you curious? Start the new year together with the XDB and grab the 10% introductory discount.

"Development of a utilization strategy for scienova's Xpress Dialyzer products "funded by the Free State of Thuringia from the European Social Fund