Xpress Dialysis Box


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Xpress Dialysis Box – User-friendly, efficient and multifunctional

Xpress Micro Dialyzer MD300
  • As shown in the graphic, dialysis equilibrium in the Xpress Dialysis Box, operated with the magnetic stirrer, is reached after only 180 minutes.
  • The graph shows an example of the dialysis of 1mM para-nitrophenol in the scienova Xpress Micro Dialyzer MD100 for 24 samples.

  • A large buffer reservoir – quickly filled with buffer.
  • One box – loaded with the Xpress Dialyzers in one easy step.
  • Sample dialysis – gentle on samples, whether manual or automated.
  • Buffer exchange – a breeze.
  • Optimal volume ratio of the Xpress Dialysis Box: The concentration of low molecular weight substances can be reduced by 98.8% for 96 samples after only one dialysis step.
  • This process is 4 times more effective than desalination in a 96 deep well plate
  • By connecting a pump to the Xpress Dialysis Box or using a magnetic stirrer, the dialysis process can be accelerated even further
  • The Xpress Dial ysis Box is optimized for use in automatic liquid handling machines. Yes, even an automated buffer change with a pump is possible.

With the Xpress Dialysis Box, up to 96 samples can be dialyzed against a shared buffer reservoir. Compared to the use of deep well plates, a larger buffer volume is achieved. This allows dialysis efficiency and speed to be increased.

Xpress Dialysis Box XDB

  • Suitable for Xpress Dialyzer (MD100, MD300, ED300, MD1000)
  • Dialysis Box and dialysis cartridges fit SBS formate (12×8 samples)
  • Removable inserts with 48 and 96 grid, suitable for scienova dialysis cartridges
  • Shared large buffer reservoir for short dialysis times and higher dialysis efficiency
  • Suitable for multichannel pipettes
  • Developed and tested for automated liquid handling devices
  • Dialysis cartridges, inserts and dialysis box can be fixed to improve pipetting reliability
  • Mixing of the buffer by a magnetic stirrer
  • Prepared for connection of a peristaltic pump (luer lock connections)
  • Mixing the dialysis buffer by circulation with a peristaltic pump
  • Buffer exchange via peristaltic pump
  • 750 ml
  • Material: PP (box, grids)
  • Autoclavable (box, grids, scienova Dialyzer)
  • Dimensions: 127 × 85 × 100 mm (w ×d × h), weight: 100 g

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"Development of a utilization strategy for scienova's Xpress Dialyzer products "funded by the Free State of Thuringia from the European Social Fund